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“Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen

Auditions October 24th & 26th October 2017 at 8pm

“It is not what we think or feel that makes us who we are. It is what we do. Or fail to do...”

Two elegently dressed regency ladies standing back to back, Sense and Sensibilty by Jane Austen written over

Sense and Sensibility is a novel by Jane Austen originally published anonymously in 1811. In this case lovingly adapted by Alison Munro and Heather Farr, we tell the story of the three Dashwood sisters. After the death of their father we follow the young women to their new home, a bleak cottage on the property of a distant relative, where they experience love, romance and heartbreak.

The play will run from the 14th to the 17th of February 2018

Our auditions operate as follows:

Character List

Roles are broken up into three types, Apples, Oranges and Strawberries — this is to give people an idea of the amount of work required for each


Consider an apple if you live and breathe theatre, and don't mind working hard. Expect to be at every rehearsal
Elinor Dashwood
the sensible and reserved eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Henry Dashwood. She becomes attached to Edward Ferrars.
Marianne Dashwood
the romantically inclined and eagerly expressive second Dashwood daughter She is the object of the attentions of Colonel Brandon and Mr Willoughby.
Colonel Brandon
A deeply moral and good natured man and a close friend of Sir John Middleton. He falls in love with Marianne at first sight. Will need to fight a short sword duel, and lift and carry Marianne
Edward Ferrars
the elder of Fanny Dashwood's two brothers. He forms an attachment to Elinor Dashwood. He is very uncertain of himself but always try to do the right thing. Plagued by an early engagement to Lucy Steele
a dashing figure who charms Marianne and shares her artistic and cultural sensibilities. Will need to fight a short sword duel, and lift and carry Marianne


A fine addition which adds to the whole, be it breakfast, cocktails or performances. Not always needed but invaluable nonetheless. Will be needed for most rehearsals
Mrs Dashwood
Mother to the Dashwood sisters, who struggles with the limitations of her financial standing when the family have to leave Norland.
Margaret Dashwood
the youngest Dashwood a plain spoken tomboy, often unaware of the relationship wrangling that is going on around her, or is she?
Mrs Jennings
Mother to Charlotte Palmer. She and her son-in-law, Sir John Middleton, take an active interest in Elinor and Marianne and seek to encourage suitable matches. Very up beat gossipy character.
Sir John Middleton
a wealthy, sporting man who served in the army with Colonel Brandon. A gentle spirit.
Lucy Steele
Engaged to Edward Ferrars, she is attractive, clever, manipulative, cunning and scheming.
Miss Grey
a wealthy and malicious heiress whom Mr Willoughby married to retain his comfortable lifestyle after he is disinherited by his aunt / Will have a double up with Betsy (A house servant in Barton Cottage)
The Dashwoods most loyal and trusted servant, and the only one who gets to stay with them when they leave Norland / Will have a double up with a non speaking Duel Second


Come be a strawberry if you want to be involved, but only want to be in a couple of scenes. Great for getting to know us or maybe trying your hand at some backstage work
Mrs Palmer
the daughter of Mrs Jennings and the younger sister of Lady Middleton, Mrs Palmer is jolly but empty-headed and laughs at inappropriate things, such as her husband's continual rudeness to her and to others.
Mr Palmer
the husband of Charlotte Palmer , a dry wit.
Doctor Harris
who attends to Marianne when she becomes gravely ill at the Cleveland estate / Will have a double up with a non speaking Duel Second
Mrs Jennings’s servant in London, eternally loyal to Mrs Jennings and equally frustrated with Marianne
Fanny Dashwood
the wife of John Dashwood, and sister to Edward and Robert Ferrars. She is vain, selfish, and snobbish. She is very harsh to all the Dashwood Women.
Mr John Dashwood
the son of Henry Dashwood by his first wife. He intends to do well by his half-sisters, but he has a keen sense of avarice, and is easily swayed by his wife.

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