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The Company's excellent production of William Shakespeare's play is cleverly updated to a modern setting.

This leads to some great set pieces. Titania's band of genteel, beautiful people vainly perform an absurd a new age dance. This contrasts with Gothic Puck's boozing army cadets laughing at the mayhem caused by Rock God Oberon's Cupid flower.

The play is about love actually. There are love triangles, mistaken identities and when Bottom loses his head and still pulls beautiful Titania, anything seems possible.

There are strong performances from all of the cast. The second half was particularly good containing my two favourite scenes.

Lysander has eloped with his lover Hermia and Demetrius follows to get his future bride back. However due to a bit of love dust suddenly both men are fighting over Helena. This leads to some terrific acting from the male leads. Sam Holland becomes convincingly hostile towards his startled belle Hermia. Ian Fallon's Demetrius is now enamoured with Helena whom he previously detested.

The final scene where Bottom's inept crew of misfits perform a play at Theseus and Hippolyta's wedding party is hilarious. Alison Munroe's Bottom's is deliciously over the top.Witness her never-ending dying sequence!

John Ansari puts in a stirring performance as Oberon whose squabbles with lover Titania lead to meddling with matters of the heart, aided and abetted by the wonderful Laura McDonnell (aka Puck).Titania shows great stage presence as a prima donna to rival Mariah Carey. Director Craig Walton, who also designed the set and costumes, has done a great job. Recommended.

Stephen Grigg

A photo from our archive
A photo from our archive