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The Hollow by Agatha Christie

This amateur production of “The Hollow” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

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About the show

As with his research, Dr John Cristow’s love life is complicated, with a downtrodden wife, artistic mistress and Hollywood ex-lover. Escaping to a country house for the weekend, this tangled web ends in murder. Anyone could have done it, but who pulled the trigger and why?

An unhappy game of romantic follow-the-leader explodes into murder one weekend at The Hollow, home of Sir Henry and Lucy Angkatell, arguably Christie’s finest comic grande dame. Dr. Cristow, the Harley Street lothario, is at the center of the trouble when, assembled in one place, we find his dull but devoted wife Gerda, his mistress and prominent sculptor Henrietta and his former lover and Hollywood film star Veronica. Also visiting are Edward and Midge whose romantic assertions are likewise thrown into the mix. As the list of romantic associations grow so does the list of potential suspects when Cristow is shot dead. Nearly everyone has a motive but only one of them did the deed.


In order of appearance
Henrietta AngkatellHope Baxter
Cousin of Sir Henry and Lady Angkatell. An sculptor of some renown. Currently in residence at the Hollow because of a fire in her studio. Shrewd and sensible in most matters with the possible exception of her paramour Dr Christow
Sir Henry Angkatell, KCBAlex Moore
Retired diplomat who saw service around the world, his career ending with the independence of India. Is protective of, and sympathetic towards, his wife's eccentricities
Lady AngkatellAlison Munro
A true English eccentric lightning strike. Has scandalised the diplomatic service with a cavalier attitude to something as sacred as the seating plan
Midge HarveyKate Spivey
Youngest member of the family, only a “half-Angkatell” and without any private income. As such she works in what Sir Henry calls “That damned dress shop”. Very practical about life, but with a bit of a thing for Edward.
GudgeonKen Rowe
The Butler. Ruthlessly efficient, loyal as a hound and an expert in managing Her Ladyship's irregular behaviour.
Edward AngkatellMichael Dempsey
The current scion of the Angkatell clan and resident at the family seat Ainswick. If you believe the stream of superlatives dripping from various characters Ainswick is better than Blenheim and Chatsworth combined
DorisLara Bundock
The under-housemaid. Has a strong sense of justice and a love of the films of Veronica Craye
Gerda ChristowSam Islam
Somewhat suffering but very devoted wife of Dr Christow. Seems to have problems keeping up with the residents of the Hollow' random ways
John Christow, MD, FRCPCraig McCrindle
An attractive ladies' man hovering on the border of bounderism. Far more interested in diseases and Henrietta than patients and his wife
Veronica CrayeAlex Maher
Glamorous movie-star. British but resident in Hollywood for the last 10 years. Was engaged to Dr Christow when they were both younger until he refused to abandon his career as hers took off. Still very much in love with John
Inspector Colquhoun, CIDIan Gibbard
A gentleman detective with a earnest but empathetic way with the suspects. Not above the occasional use of knowing misdirection if he thinks it will get the right result.
Detective Sergeant PennyCatherine Newsome
A solid member of the constabulary, has the air of someone who has put the hard miles in before joining the plain clothes division. Knows their way around below stairs.

The Director’s bit:


Thanks to The Snowdrop Project for the use of their building. The Snowdrop Project is a charity supporting survivors of human trafficking in South Yorkshire. To find out more please visit

Also thank you to hemingways for the rehearsal space

Mandy Sims and Tony Kennick
A stylised flyer featuring a red revolver, a yellow country house, a statute in yellow, red and blue and a red lobster.
A photo from our archive
A photo from our archive