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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde written by Emma Reeves and Andrew Loudon

based on the book by Robert Louis Stevenson

About the show

The show depicts the concept of freedom, oppression and the ideas of good and evil. Dr. Harriett Jekyll is a devoted woman of science and driven to solve mankind's most challenging medical, morale and mental dilemmas. But when she makes herself the subject of her own experiments, she accidentally unleashes her own inner demon, the being the world comes to know as Mr. Hyde.


Dr Harriet JekyllAlice Schofield
Edward HydeMark Kenny
Miss LanyonMandy Sims
Mr J.G UttersonStephen Bullivant
PooleAlexander Moore
Sir Danvers CarewJohn Ansari
ChorusScott Walsh, Mary Jo Escano, Joseph Singer, Ben B, Jodie Wynne
A photo from our archive
A photo from our archive